Need tax representation?
Enrolled Agents are the only professionals licensed by the US Dept of the Treasury to represent the taxpayer. Only Enrolled Agents are required to demonstrate to the Internal Revenue Service their competence in matters of taxation before they may represent a taxpayer at the IRS. Unlike attorneys and CPAs who may or may not choose to specialize in taxes, most EAs specialize in taxation. EAs are the only taxpayer representatives who receive their right to practice from the United States Treasury. (CPAs and attorneys are licensed by the states.)

Lorry Sorgman, EA, MST, USTCP has represented the taxpayer before the IRS since 1987. She has extensive experience in the representing the taxpayer before the IRS as well as in the preparation of tax returns for corporate, partnership, fiduciary, and individual clients. Ms. Sorgman is an Enrolled Agent and holds a BA in business administration and an MA in taxation from Suffolk University.
Haven't filed your taxes?
It is a crime not to file your taxes. We can file all your back tax returns and help keep you from being charged with a crime.

Owe the IRS money?
If the IRS has placed a lien on your assets or threatens to levy or garnish your wages, we can represent you before the IRS and resolve your tax problem. We can also arrange an installment payment plan or request a settlement for you with the IRS, for pennies on the dollar.

Being audited by the IRS?
We can represent you before the IRS so you never need to appear before them.

Been audited by the IRS but disagree with the findings?
We can represent you and help resolve your tax problem. You may never need to appear before the IRS.

Is the IRS harassing you?
We can help you exercise your rights under the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights.

Responsible for employment taxes?
If you have failed to pay employment withholding taxes, you may be declared the responsible party. We can represent you before the IRS. We can help you negotiate a settlement or an installment plan with the IRS.

If you need to know what your tax responsibililties are, please visit our sister agency at

Innocent spouse?
If you owe a joint liability for taxes but do not feel responsible for them, you may qualify for relief under the innocent spouse provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. You will need professional assistance to understand your rights in this area. Call for an appointment.

Getting a divorce?
If you are in the middle of getting a divorce, you may want to review your divorce agreement for the tax implications with us before you sign it.

A student about to graduate college and go into self-employment?
Learn what you can and cannot deduct on your, including your student loan payments.

Owe the Mass Dept of Revenue back taxes?
We can negotiate a settlement or installment agreement for you.